Dholak ‘n’ Bass: Artiste Reveal

Look what your favourite cats dragged in

Yesterday, when I came down the slope to our college portico, I knew something was different. Here was my dear friend, nay bhai, Sahil ‘Babba’ Salvi; but for the first time in the last few weeks I saw him doing his nervous-excited-12 year old girl giggle. And even though I was tempted to jibe him, saying that such unabashed enthusiasm may eat into his street cred, I held my horses: Abba, Abraham Varghese to the uninitiated, having been similarly dead-pan for the past fortnight, looked equally beguiled.

Abba and Bubba @ Symbhav '13

What they said to me next, let me say unto you:


What they lacked for in articulateness, they made up for in awesomeness. Here’s what Abba and Babba have in store for us at this edition of Symbhav:


Manganiyar Logo

A great man once said, all great things must start with some kamaicha, khartaal and dholak. The Manganiars, as if a draught of the desert storm, promise to rock us off our feet. In what is billed to be both a musical and theatrical mind-blower, these men from Rajasthan will give us a taste of the up-and-down mellow that we so badly crave.

Hang on to your panchrangi safas as Symbhav gears up for some Manganiar Trippin’



Bombay Bassment is not only mind-blowing but they write pretty well too. I just read what they had to say about themselves on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BombayBassment) and even though I would like it very much, I wouldn’t be able to do a better job even if I tried. They write, “Bombay Bassment is an urban outfit made solid by 2 Goans, 1 South Indian & 1 African. This eclectic mix of artists has led to a sound that defines the grass roots of each, the outcome of which is an upbeat blend of Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, Funk & Drum ‘n Bass. Despite different cultural n hence musical backgrounds, the band still manages to pull off a sound that cuts through every soul.” 


Get into their groove on their Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9-hSA7gzfnhC0L1sLt0BgA), Soundcloud page (https://soundcloud.com/bombay-bassment), and as blogger-to-blogger courtesy, here’s their blog: http://bombaybassment.wordpress.com/

Let’s give Levin, Ruell, Bobkat and DJ Chandu a true blue Symbhav welcome.

And, correct me if I’m wrong, they want us to Jump! Jump! JUMP!

This is by Ghosh. The media above isn’t owned by me or by Symbhav. People-with-intellectual-property-rights, no infringement is intended guys. All rights are yours. Please don’t sue me. Or us. In case you really really have to, don’t send any notices to my parents’ address. They’ll flip!


Competition Redefined

Sports at Symbhav ’14

Our annual extravaganza Symbhav has not only been a fest of joy, colour and splendor but also quite the seat of excellence and a sharpener of the competitive spirit. Sports are a crucial part of Symbhav. As many as eight sporting events are held across three days of the festival. Various colleges from across the nation participate in these events. A plethora of talent graces Symbhav and tremendous skills are displayed in Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Basketball, Carom, Chess, Volleyball and Badminton.

Prize money has always been the USP of events at Symbhav. Sports is no exception. The winners and runners-up of the events last year went home with not only trophies but also substantial spoils.  With esteemed companies such as IDBI, BHEL and National Insurance Company Ltd sponsoring the tournaments, a total of almost one lakh forty thousand rupees was given as cash prizes, setting an yet-unbroken record for this sort of amateur event.

Last year’s events were held in different parts of Pune. Football and Volleyball took place at Symbiosis’s Viman Nagar Campus, Cricket at the DY Patil ground, Chess and Carom on the Vishwabhavan Laws in SLS’s campus and Basketball, Table Tennis and Badminton at the Symbiosis International University in Lavale. Referring to this potential logistical nightmare, the head of Sports at Symbhav 2014, Akshay Rajpurohit said, “This year, we are trying to locate all the events at Lavale so that the entire Sports wing of Symbhav is under one roof. Do expect cash prizes to be bigger and also the competition tougher.”

There you have it folks, the Sporting events promise to take the fest to new highs. The victor takes home all the spoils. Do come and experience the marvel of the brave new world only at Symbhav 2014!


Siddhesh is our sports guy. Also, Mr. Dependable. Few of his many talents.

Expect the Unexpected

A Fresher’s Take On The Symbhav Buzz

Every fresher at Symbiosis Law School hoping to try their luck at CLAT again has heard the cryptic, “Wait until Symbhav, and you wouldn’t want want to leave”. Yet some of us remained sceptical. Until now.

Till recently, to the untrained eye, Symbhav preparations seemed to be going on not much different from that of any other event. Everything was sorted, planned – almost a step by step algorithm in progress. Little did we know that like the duck, SLS was keeping the frenzied paddling under the surface.

With a little less than a month to go, the crazy has come into plain view and the algorithm has flown the coop! Symbhav ’14 is all about people running, laughing, jumping, volunteers shouting, tempers flaring, all transforming our demure little college to a veritable madhouse. It’s a carnival of heightened emotions everywhere, with creative genius at its nucleus. There is a coordination and rhythm even in seemingly batty situations and a kind of hasty haphazardness in planned events. With talks of it being bigger and better, and the blood, sweat and tears going into work behind it, Symbhav is already proving to be a one of a kind experience, and it hasn’t even begun yet!

The first years may not have yet seen the fest but they sure have seen enough to be convinced that Symbhav ’14 will create a roar like never before, in this Brave New World of ours.

So we soldier on. And we wait with you, expecting the unexpected.

1274862_160458274149992_410961730_oSonakshi is a first-year Ranter. Power to her!

The Runway Set Ablaze!

The most exotic of arenas, usually earmarked for mythical beings, the runway, touches down in our neck of the woods, every year at Symbhav.

Glimpses from Ablaze 2013

As a culture, we have always had a weak spot for the ramp; there’s something about the glamour, the glitz, the haute couture that has, at some point, fascinated us all.  And it was this fascination that birthed ABLAZE, Symbhav’s very own five-edition old fashion show.

Ablaze gives aspiring models and creative young designers the opportunity to showcase their talent and the event has always attracted the most zealous participants. The organizing team, too, has impeccable credentials, with the ability to tell harem pants from bell bottoms and the gumption to make one into the other.  Ever a platform for innovation and forward thinking, the ramp at Ablaze has seen all manner of lights, plastic wings, masks and even the occasional whip.

Sinhgad College - Winners of the Fashion Show

As the only event of this magnitude in the city, Ablaze has seen celebrities such as Gul Panag and Mahima Choudhary grace the audience with their presence. Quite the visual delight for the, the participants have a lot to gain from the show, not only in terms of exposure but also the outrageous cash prizes that Symbhav has come to be known for.

The glitz and the glamour of it all are truly a spectacle and never fails to draw in the crowds, year after year. Don’t take our word for it, though.  Stay tuned to this blog, arrive early on the day and let the hordes of hopeful spectators convince you. We don’t, however, promise you any seats.


Rahul is a trusted veteran Ranter.With a rather conspicuous interest in the fashion show.

Trusty Old Blog. Brave New Tricks.

Hello fellow people interested in or associated with the sixth coming of Symbhav, SLS Pune’s annual fest. The first order of business is to figure out a nice, short, less-than-a-whole-sentence name for you guys. Like, say, Symbhavos. Or Symbhaviches. Frankly, writing that first sentence has been stressful. Writer’s block, maybe? I sure do hope not!

Anyway, the Symbhav 2014 Ranter, the trusty old stamped-official blog of Symbhav is up and running again (duh!). And this time it has learnt a few brave new tricks. Like starting things off with a video blog, attributable entirely to a stroke of pure brilliance and a lot of running around by the PR Media Website volunteers.

Speaking of brave new things: we asked the people soldiering around in college what their reading of Symbhav’s ‘Brave New World’ theme was, and we got a bunch of very interesting answers. Here are a few:

My take on the theme? A place which is run by happiness is a brave new world. A place where all come together, yet everyone can space out is a brave new world. Symbhav 2014, let’s hope, is a glimpse of such bliss. Cheers!

~ Ghosh

P.S: No animals were harmed during the making of this video. We didn’t know Ralhi then.

To the people who took some time out to contribute to this video: thanks a ton guys!

Quintessentially Luxurious: Inox Insignia Lounge

INOX Leisure is probably the best thing that happened to my childhood. It has been quite a long time since I saw my first multiplex film at an Inox theatre in Kolkata. I don’t remember the movie, but I remember thinking about what lengths people would care to go to, to make the movie watching experience of a kid in his early teens an utter delight.

It has probably been a decade since the first time I visited an Inox establishment. A lot has changed in the world over the past ten years. I have shifted cities, grown about two feet in height and everything that I believed in so long seems like childish obsessions. Well, almost. Ten years on, Inox is still my favorite movie theatre and it never fails to impress. The latest addition to the basket of pleasant surprises is Inox’s newest way to blow your mind: Inox Insignia.

I was on a trip to Pune and, like any person just visiting the city, I had no clue what was in store for me when I entered Amanora Town Centre at Hadapsar. When my friend bought tickets to something called the ‘Insignia’ class, I thought he was making a lame cigarette joke. Oh, was I being naïve or what! It was exactly what the bi-line in the ticket said: a luxury recliner lounge. In fact, so much so, that calling it a movie screen would be an abomination of an understatement! It is the best place that I have ever been to, with the best food at your beck-and-call and comfort like that thought to be in fashion in heaven. Let me put it this way: the best I had ever felt after coming out of a movie was ‘brilliant’ till I went to Insignia. To cut a long story short: it felt like a spa, with an awesome film playing at phenomenal quality.

Symbhav, SymbiosisLawSchool, Pune’s annual sports and cultural fest is an endeavor which worships quality. We are honoured to be associated with awesomeness of the order of INOX Insignia.


Essentially Flashy!

A closer look at our string of killer flash-mobs!

The Phoenix Market City FashmobSymbhav, your essential desi fest, is around the corner and the team at Symbiosis is pulling out all the stops! When it comes to promoting an event, we Symbhav enthusiasts leave no stone unturned!!

Keeping this in mind the marketing team undertook the most tedious task of organising two impromptu flash mobs which were stunning and made the crowd demand encore performances.

The first one was held at Phoenix Market city and boy oh boy was it good! I was totally blown back as more than 200 random people watched the show unfold. I witnessed the volunteers going around telling the shoppers that there was an event about to take place in atrium 5 of the mall and it created a tremendous amount of curiosity. The dancers then flocked to the centre of the mall from all corners. I was a bit surprised that the first song they danced to was “Get Low” but soon my doubts were put to rest as “Disco Dewaane” burst out and people of all ages joined our team in being essentially desi. Just like a typical Bollywood movie, the gang began to dance in sync giving the impression that this was a scene right out of a Kjo film! The troupe perfomed three times through the evening and bigger crowds thronged the atrium with every subsequent act.

The second one was a homecoming of sorts. The SLS,Pune campus was pulsating with energy and enthusiasm. Though it sounds highly impossible, the agile dancers managed to out-do the first performance in every way. My friends and I managed to secure a spot right in front and we witnessed talent like never before. I went crazy egging my friends on and at the end of the 10 minute performance, I was out of breath myself! Rachita, a close bud of mine said,” The flash mob was insanely good, what an experience, the crowd was loving it and judging by their reaction, Symbhav 2013 can be nothing but a ginormous success.” Sanjana another crazy female said,”Taking part in the dance was awesome and it was a great platform to interact with my seniors.”

The two flash mobs held were so good, it was like watching Sachin Tendulkar hit a 400 in 100 balls! So keep an eye out for us, you never know where we’ll spring up from.

See the video of the Phoenix Market City Flashmob.


~Siddhesh Pradhan